Personalized Mindfulness

Easy to use audio recordings and support for the whole community- students, teachers, parents, individuals and groups.  Take a Breath for Schools and Communities uses proven breathing practices and brain mapping science to enhance performance and health.

The Power of Breath - A Bridge to New Possibilities

The Take a Breath audio recordings start as short as 3-5 minutes in length for ease of use and.  Explore simple tools with proven visualization techniques to redirect focus and bring effective brain pattern changes.  Especially now...with our communities in crisis. 

  • The initial B.R.A.V.E. methodology recordings orient users to the proven process of creating change.
  • The bulk of the recordings help rewire the brain, tailored to each individual's needs.
  • The self-assessment creates clarity and suggests personalized recordings.
  • Finally, use the communication tools for authentic speaking and listening.  To speak and be heard is key to empowered healing and change.


The B.R.A.V.E. methodology gives you a reliable and repeatable journey. It becomes your personal tool kit for creating physical wellness, foundations of mental health, and exploring your personal potential.  (Listen to a sample from the sequence!  From "little ones" to tweens, teens and adults.)



Create a relaxation response in the body.


Ages 3-5 Sample



Notice the effects of tension in the body and mind.


Teen/Adult Sample



Work with emotions and events, arriving at balance.


Ages 6-12 Sample



Use imagery and imagination for growth and development.


Ages 3-5 Sample



Build confidence and resiliency in new situations.


Teen/Adult Sample

Portrait of a group of diverse and happy kids hanging out together on a bright day outside

Let's Get Started!

  1. Follow the B.R.A.V.E. introduction:  Learn the sequence, and understand how to create a relaxation response.  Perhaps explore a new step each day.  Once complete, you are ready to choose from the library of recordings!
  2. Use the whole program:  Try an assessment, use the communication support, and develop tools to build a new and improved you!
  3. Find your Best Practices:  Create a 'Greatest Hits!' list using our favorites tab. Then repeat, repeat, repeat...the key to brain pattern changes is repetition.

Finally, look around a bit.  Find some different recordings and try some out.  Explore some unique material in the Guidance and Support tabs.  Make this program your own, a lifelong tool to support you where you are, and where you want to go!


The Straw Breath

The Oceanside Journey

For Weight Loss

Samples from our Online Library

Here are a few examples to give you a sense of the quality and depth of our Take a Breath recordings.

Our complete library includes categories such as; General Issues and Conditions, Performance and Special Situations, as well as Recordings for Parents, and more!  Repeated use of the recordings can initiate new health habits, improve personal actions and enhance performance.

How We Work With Schools and Communities


We Create a Culture of Wellbeing

Take a Breath implements Social Emotional Learning with a strategic, systematic approach using academic and personal performance enhancement, or perhaps tools to manage an imbalance.  Special Groups or the Community can also use these same tools. Sports teams, the arts, or a social group can develop a shared commitment and connection while supporting the collective well-being of the group.

We Create Calm in the Classroom


It only takes a short 3-minute recording to shift out of a stress response.  With our library full of general and specialized recordings, there are limitless opportunities to support a classroom, group or an individual who may be struggling. Take a Breath is ideal for students who need extra support, in a breakout/calm room, for a class nervous about an academic subject, or pending performance in sports or the arts.



We Create Support at Home and in the Community

Take a Breath reaches into every home and lifestyle. It is for young and old, the achiever and the individual falling behind or struggling.  Take a Breath creates an experience of authentic connection to oneself which cultivates inclusion and acceptance which are key to a healthy community.

Recordings are always available on the website to support the whole community, with a variety of recordings to address life away from school.  Additional communication skills and conversation support tools provide opportunities to develop parents' relationships with older students and parents in supporting the precious young ones.

Membership Options

Schools and Groups

Contact us for Pricing

Includes all the related tools and support, including; Full Assessments and results, Full Access to the depth of the content library including; General, Performance, Specialty recordings, Access to the Communication tools and practices.  Also included are classroom and community support tools, continuous updates to the content library, and open dialog with schools and communities to optimize program utilization. For Public and Private Schools, and Groups. Small, medium and large school and groups, the annual package includes access for selected students, staff and parents.




This individual membership will offer the best of Take a Breath for Schools and Communities.  For individuals not part of a subscribed school or community group.  You will have the opportunity to explore the Full Assessment and results.  From there, you can then explore the depth of the content library including; General Conditions, the Performance library,  and the Specialty recordings.  Finally there is access to the Communication tools and practices, the blog posts and numerous resources supporting the program.  There is always new content added.  Get the latest and join us today!


What Our Community Says

Grade 7 Student

"Take a Breath made me feel relaxed and calm. In the beginning I felt shy and confused, but somewhere in the middle, I felt like I could do anything."

College Student

"Take a Breath gave me a break.  A break from the constant studying and overwhelm.  I felt rested and ready to return to the books!"


"The Take a Breath techniques teach students and educators how to focus on the breath, feel sensation and be present. I am excited to bring this to my own school as well as use with my own children at home. This practice can relate to all."


"Your program left a huge impression with my daughter as it was the first thing she told my wife and I when she got home. She was super excited about it. She said how she was told to close her eyes, think of her family, and to think of someone flying over them (she thought of me!) and to take deep breaths and just relax. Thank you so much for giving my child this opportunity.”