Our Mission:


Bring the Tools of Relaxation and Stress Reduction through the Power of the Breath into your K-12 classroom.

Empower your students to build academic success, increase positive attitude towards self and others, and cultivate lifelong skills for happier, healthy lives.


For Schools

The Take a Breath Program includes online guided recordings and in-school offerings for the whole school community including students, educators, administrators, parents and support staff. 

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Take a Breath teaches Students to Be B.R.A.V.E.:

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Create a relaxation response in the body.



Moon-128 (3).png


Notice the effects of tension in the body and mind.



Sun-128 (5).png


Work through challenging emotions and events.

Butterfly-128 (6).png


Imagery and imagination for growth and development.

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Build confidence and resiliency in new situations.


October 2017

Take a Breath made me feel relaxed and calm. In the beginning I felt shy and confused, but somewhere in the middle, I felt like I could do anything.

Grade 7 student

For Kids and Teens 

Practicing the B.R.A.V.E. tools and techniques will help students reduce anxiety, quiet the over-stimulated mind, recognize unhealthy patterns, and move towards more joy and creativity in life.



Online breath practices

From simple practices engaging the full breath, to dealing with anxiety and grief, preparing for tests and getting to sleep, our online library is available when you need it, wherever you need it, 24/7.



Years Serving communities

Our team has dedicated over two decades to the education and practice of stress reduction. We are long time practitioners of meditation, mindfulness and holistic health.



Thousand children Impacted

It began with one counsellor in one school. The results were so dramatic, Take a Breath grew 700% within its second year.


Our Team

Our Take a Breath team is a small group of dedicated and passionate educators and facilitators who have devoted their years of experience to support the growth and integration of simple yet profound practices for thousands of students nationwide. 

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Take a Breath is aligned with the new Curriculum Core Competencies and Curriculum Competencies, especially in the Personal Awareness and Responsibility and Social Responsibility Competency, and the Physical Health and Education K-12 and Career Education K-12 Learning Standards.



Regular classroom practice has shown a dramatic shift in the overall atmosphere of a class and has helped students perform better on tests and assignments, as well as improved memory and concentration.


The Take a Breath School program includes online and in-school offerings for the whole school community, including students K-12, parents, teachers, support staff and administrators.


Parents will recognize the benefits of B.R.A.V.E. to support their whole family in times of challenge. They will sense the shifts and encourage participation by their children, in the classroom and at home.