Providing Students the Tools of Relaxation and Stress Reduction


The Take a Breath School program includes online and in-school offerings for the whole school community, including students K-12, parents, teachers, support staff and administrators. 

It made me feel relaxed and calm. At
the beginning I felt shy and confused but
somewhere in the middle, I felt like I
could do anything.
— Grade 7 student



Regular classroom practice has shown a dramatic shift in the overall atmosphere of a class and has even helped students perform better on tests and assignments.


Take a Breath has been involved with
our Secondary School for the last 2
years. It has been a very positive experience. One
teacher commented, ‘It was amazing to
see how much calmer my students
were afterwards... such a positive tone
to my class and an openness.’
I would highly recommend this program to any school as it has had a large impact on overall
student wellness.
— Senior Secondary School Counselor



Parents will recognize the benefits of B.R.A.V.E. to support their whole family in times of challenge. They will sense the shifts and encourage participation by their children, in the classroom and at home.  

Your program left a huge impression with my daughter as it was the first thing she told my wife and I when she got home. She was super
excited about it.
Thank you so much for giving my child this opportunity.

— Parent of Elementary School child


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