You may choose to practice from the audio recordings provided, and we recommend trying our 14-day challenge.  Using the Mindful Rest program every day for 2-weeks (research has shown that 11 consecutive days of practice shows changes in homeostasis-a stable balance in the systems in the body).

Join us in the Mindful Rest practice or take our 14-Day Challenge.

14-Day Challenge

The Mindful Rest Program

This is our simple entry in to the practice of mindfulness.  It gives even the most inexperienced meditation practitioner or wellness seeker an opportunity to practice...a little at a time.  The program has and a easily accessible space where the audio/video files are held.  The files include but are not limited to; 

Orientation, video/audio, FAQ's, Then the main content audio files, which are all variations of Mindful Rest practices.  All of these are titled, and in varying lengths for ease of use in 1,2,3,4,5...all the way to 30+ minutes.  One in a male voice, Jeff, and one in female, Sonya. The platform is regularly updated with content, and a content library of specific needs (sleep issues, anxiety, and more).

There is also a breathing introduction video, and a formal meditation training video.  You may also choose to view our coaching video (how and why to use the personal wellness coaching option).

To order the 14-Day trial, click here;