Who is waiting to be your listener?

A family member, a friend, a school or work mate.  Engage them, educate them and then commit to a regular listening practice for you, and for them!

Start your own group!  Maybe begin a group to support you and those who share a common interest/lifestyle/issue.  Perhaps it is a group of; Grade School teachers, teen hockey players, exchange students, or those suffering from sleep issues...etc.  I think you get the idea!  There are endless opportunities to create a connection with others.  In those groups, you may choose to have a regular group discussion/listening, or to pair off with someone from the group and have a one on one listening.

Find a listening friend! 

If your home, workplace, school or local community doesn't seem to have the listening support you are needing, we have some suggestions about creating that listening support for you.

It may be to pair you with someone (anonymous) in your group or  community  that's also a participant. Or we may support you by using other techniques and technology in having a listening experience.  In any case, our intention is to create a safe and secure, often anonymous connection with another listener for you.

Create a group chat/listening

We have had success in leading and facilitating numerous group listening events.  With the arrival of secure and safe online group experiences, we can now encourage stand alone groups.  To create a group in which each participant remains anonymous and able to participate in authentic and safe speaking and listening, we have some suggestions;

  • Use Zoom or an appropriate safe and secure platform online
  • It is an invitation-only
  • There would be a chosen leader facilitator
  • The facilitator is to maintain Safety and Security of the group
  • There would be an intention for this specific group chat and we would create a timeline.
  • There would be agreements about sharing and listening using the co-listening guidelines
  • Participants would remain on mute until they are selected for their time to share
  • The facilitator can honor requests or follow up conversations between individuals or scheduling another group chat meeting
  • Someone could volunteer for the next facilitator position
  • The meeting will end on time

 Take a Breath for Schools and Communities Ambassador

What an exciting opportunity to represent Take a Breath for Schools and Communities! We need ambassadors in your school, or workplace, your church group, your sports team, or another group you are in.

 To become an ambassador we would request you to;

  •  Enjoy and use the Take a Breath content and practices!
  •  Acknowledge it has helped you, you've had success and be able to tell us about your own personal results from the program
  • You understand the methodology and philosophy of the need for an assessment, the depth and uniqueness of the recordings, and the value of listening/speaking
  •  You're a good listener
  •  You are willing to facilitate others; which includes some form of survey or assessment for a group or individual. Then accessing the online platform and playing a recording, and finally serving as a listener or perhaps facilitating a group listening experience.
  • Perhaps being a leader of a group chat.
  • You're familiar with the other valuable offerings including personalized mindfulness, coming of age program Ming, take a breath for life, and when appropriate be willing to suggest any of those two groups or individuals. 

We hope you choose to join us!!!

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