Personalized Mindfulness

Creating your own individualized Take a Breath recording

This personalized mindfulness is in the form of a ‘‘river raft journey’  (or space journey, or forest journey, or ocean journey, etc. ).  It is meant to address an area of stress, struggle- an area that has become an issue.  Whether you are aware or not of the resistance to this area, there is resistance which can take many forms.  What you will experience in this recording exploration is coming into a deep relaxation state (Alpha brainwaves), and then moving ‘past’ this challenging area, while remaining deeply relaxed and balanced.  Ultimately, this creates a new response to the area of issue/memory/belief.  The recording creates a new brain map.  This is a private, personal exploration.  It may be challenging to explore this area, but you will soon recognize the ultimate benefit of this practice.

This process uses our existing methodology.  If you have become familiar with the B.R.A.V.E. methodology that could help in context for the personalized mindfulness practice.  There will be a familiarity as you attempt this recording.  

Some who have used this Personalized Mindfulness technique have begun with a more benign issue, before scripting a major issue. Or they go to our library and select a general B.R.A.V.E. recording, or even a more specific issue from the conditions list.  Ultimately, using our unique methodology of; Breathe, Relax, Allow, Visualize and Empower to build an experience, a transformational brain map.

We will request 3-separate scripts from you, which we will then create the final recording.  The final recording includes an entry into a deep relaxing, non-reactive state, as mentioned above.  Then we have the ability to explore the script content you provide.  Here is an example of the 3 components I am asking you to provide;  A day from your past, a day containing your challenge, and a future day when the issue is resolved. 

We will offer much more detail via a fill in the blank script, and specifics to optimize the recording once you contact us to order the recording.

You would then send the scripting content to us, and we will use your specific script to create the recording.  Once we send it back to you, we will offer some recommendations for your use of the recording, and additional support through journaling, etc.  There may be some reflection, or maybe even some actions which evolve from having listened to the recording.  This may be a preliminary recording, addressing an issue you wanted to ‘try out’ first, to get a feel for the experience, before moving on to a deeper issue.  

This is a separate Take a Breath for Schools and Communities item.  Contact us for pricing and availability.

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