Hello School and Community Leaders!

Take a Breath is moving forward with creativity and purpose to help support your school and our community. We have the tools to address mental health and wellness and allow you and your staff to focus on the required management and curriculum.
We believe we have a unique opportunity to serve the students and community in this challenging time. We are offering an online assembly/presentation (In person assembly/presentation is pending due to social distance requirements around students/groups gathering). The presentation includes our unique mindfulness components; easy assessment to guide self-regulation and management, best practices in brain science, and an opportunity for collective communication.

Enrolled schools receive 1-presentation at no charge as part of their annual subscription.  The presentation/assembly is up to 4 hours (that could be; 4 blocks, 4 classes, or 4 groups).

The 3-parts of the Take A Breath for Schools and Communities Presentation

1- Assessment. Using the secure, and anonymous feedback to presenter feature on Zoom, we will do a quick survey of the attendees. Using the Today Wheel (personal assessment) survey, we will determine how they perceive themselves. The presenter will then view the anonymous survey feedback from the attendees and mark on a whiteboard some common themes, talking points, areas to address, outlets for support if needed.

2- Adaptations- Based on the Take a Breath audio recordings. We will lead the online group through the methodology of B.R.A.V.E.; breathe, relax, allow, visualize and empower. It begins with an experience which includes our first portion of the breath/relaxation methodology. It creates a relaxation response (stress reduction).
Then a transition time/talk for integration and that prepares the entry into a longer experience which includes all the final components of B.R.A.V.E. This second portion of the experience are; Allowing- feeling at ease with things as they are right now, today. Visualizing- the ability to use our brain mapping science to see and envision a new or different view from our daily patterns. Finally, Empowerment- using a new intention for the day, life, health-or whatever they use self-select/create.

3- Relationship- Here we will spend some time in a listening experience. We will facilitate that by creating an enquiry question for the attendees- How are you feeling now? What was the main area of struggle from the Today Wheel? What do you miss most about school? What has been something you have enjoyed about being home? It could be a question you as school leaders pose to the group, and we facilitate. Again, the anonymous responses would come through the feedback dialog on the Zoom program, and we would note some select responses on the whiteboard, to continue the discussion.
The presentation is 50 minutes to an hour for Grades 7-12, or 30 – 45 minutes for Grades K-6. We would complete the assembly/presentation with some suggestions and support.

The cost of the presentation is $699 per school for a school enrolled in our program (1 per year is no charge), and $999 for a school not enrolled. (In person assembly/presentation is available in select areas with Take a Breath staff).

We are scheduling presentations beginning in the Fall of 2021.
Thank you for considering, and we hope to hear from you!

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