Develop your Voice to Support your Mind

In the Communication section you will find some key support tools.  Supporting you in your integration of the Take a Breath for Schools and Communities content and methodology.  You will find support in establishing and empowering your place in community. Each of us deserves to have a voice. Each of us deserves to be heard, each of us deserves to have opportunity and possibility in school, work and life.

There is plenty of science to reinforce the benefits of authentic communication. When we speak about our moods, our feelings, our struggles, we give access to parts of our self that, if left unaided, can begin to undermine our physical health our mental health and maintaining our place in the community. There is also significant data that shows that the communication we experience in media and social media is inadequate, and often one-sided. Social media is often filled with positioning or inauthenticity or even manipulation that undermines true communication skills.

Your Self-Assessment leads to Self-Expression

The communication skills contained in this program support some of the indicators that may have been identified during the self-assessment process. Those inquiry questions were meant to guide you towards areas that might need more attention; for physical health, mental health, or for specific conditions. For some individuals the assessment process leads you towards supporting your improvement in your select performance areas.

The goal of the communication tools in this program are to empower your intentions and accomplishments. If you are seeking changes in a certain activity, health issue, lifestyle activity, work or school subject, these tools solidify the transformation.  In any case; whether we're supporting health or we're supporting performance, we recognize that being heard and listened to empowers us.  The changes we seek become more easily facilitated by the brain.  Additionally, there is a rewarding feeling of being heard by another.

For many of you these speaking and listening techniques may be brand new. It can be difficult to practice this objectivity and this depth of intimate connection.  You may need extra support. If you find yourself struggling through the Take a Breath for Schools and Communities website content and experiences to a degree that these support tools or your supportive listener are not enough for you, then it may be appropriate to explore additional help.  The professional support of a counselor could make all the difference in moving beyond some held pattern or responses.

If you are the listener for a person who is presenting signs of mental health challenges or even a mental health emergency, please support them in making appropriate next steps. Whether that be finding and speaking with a professional counselor. Or if it is an emergency situation, please ensure that they get immediate help.  If you are playing the role of the supporter, we thank you.

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