What our schools and communities say...



“The Take A Breath program has been a blessing for our school community. I have heard students, parents, and staff express how the quality of their lives have been improved by the incorporation of this work into their personal health and wellness practice. As the principal of our school, I have personally benefited from this practice, and have been able to use the online resource to open staff meetings, parent conferences, and school-wide assemblies. We are looking forward to continuing with the program and integrating it even more into our school life, including being used with students who are having difficulty with expected behaviour and integration into the classroom setting.

Also, the Take a Breath team have been able to customize the program to our specific needs as a Catholic School, making this practice accessible and safe for our Christ-Centered learning environment and greater parish community. It is through this relationship, based on trust and open communication, that I have based our school's participation in the program. Like any practice, we have room to grow as we continue to develop how we make this program a more integral part of our school community, but with time, I know the benefits of this practice will have a profound effect on our community.”



“The Take a Breath program was very well received by students, families and teachers and incredibly easy to implement from an administrative point of view.

A benefit this program offers is to the teacher, who can experience it right along with the students versus having to lead students through the breath exercises themselves. It clearly reduces stress levels in all the classrooms and creates an atmosphere of peace and focused attention. It has had a marked impact because of the way it teaches kids to recognize and release their stress. For some, it is the first time in their lives that they have ever realized how much stress they actually carry in their bodies.

Working with the creators of the program has been an exceptional experience. For example, they wrote and recorded a customized practice for one of our families that was dealing with significant grief after losing their dad/husband to pancreatic cancer. This family continues to share how helpful this tool was in their lives to process the grief and emotion this tragic event caused, and we are grateful for the abundant generosity of the TAB creators.”



“The "Take A Breath" program has been a definite benefit to our school community! It provides everyone with valuable skills to improve self-regulation, manage anxiety, and reduce stress, all of which are significant components of the "Personal Awareness & Responsibility" competency of the new schools curriculum. Last year our school had over 300 student participants, and 86% reported a positive experience.

Both students and staff love the sense of calm they achieve, and appreciate the stress relief of the breathing techniques. As well, the "Take A Breath" online content offers numerous breathing practices for different aspects of our lives, and is a wonderful year-round resource easily accessible for our students, parents, and staff.”

"Take a Breath has been involved with our High School for the last 2 years. This past school year, every grade 7 and 8 has participated in one "Take a Breath" session and the school also bought access to the website. It has been a very positive experience was amazing to see how much calmer my students were afterwards... such a positive tone to my class and an openness. The TAB staff have been so accommodating with scheduling and requests. The price is extremely reasonable for what is provided.”

College student

"I'm usually good, then comes cram time.  I try to get everything done at once.  I start to get anxious and even depressed a bit.  I don't eat well, or sleep as much, and it gets a bit overwhelming.  Take a Breath helps me get some sleep and rest.  I recover a bit and feel like I start to make better choices.  I highly recommend it to anyone in school."


"I've been a stay at home mom for 4 years now, formally active in the tech workforce.  I struggle with the mundane tasks, and worry.  Worry about my kids, the world, and what can I do.  It is overwhelming to be a good mom in this current day and age, especially with the current situation.  This program and the recordings are super helpful.  It get's me out of my head, and it feels good to do something for ME!   I am looking forward to seeing where this goes.  Where these practices can take me and support me."


"I have tried to take advantage of the EAP benefits, but I don't want to go to a counselor, but I need help.  I am burnt out having to show up every day, and put on a happy face!  I use Take a Breath on my breaks when I can, and it gives me a little shift in my attitude, I never regret taking those few minutes.  And I definitely use it at bedtime, to get to sleep.  I don't want to have to take medication."

Various Students

"I had trouble not thinking about deep breathing and just doing it, but towards the end I got the hang of it. At the end I was totally relaxed and ready to go to sleep. His voice was very soothing and the visualizations helped me start goals. I see myself doing this again today before the math test I will have to take after lunch."

"At the beginning I was unsure about the class. But then when we started to relax, lay down, let loose, and clear all negative thoughts, I found it very peaceful and relaxing."

"I thought that Take a Breath was very relaxing and that I will be using it every day so that I don't have to be stressed. It was very helping because I feel like I wasn't relaxing enough/or just not taking the time to do it. Thank you very much I really needed it."

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