Practices for Ages 9-12


5 Minutes

The following practices offer simple techniques for body and breath awareness.

Additional recordings include;

Color Visualization

Standing Grounding Breath

Rest Before a Test

10 Minutes

These recordings begin to allow for a deeper physical relaxation response. These give the physical body more time to integrate the benefit of the deepening breath. Again, make sure you create the proper space for yourself. Here again, you will find specialty recordings which might serve you deeply.

Additional recordings include;

Relax and explore your Power Animal

Relax and move in Slow Motion

Body and Breath Awareness

Breathe to Fall Asleep

20-30 Minutes

All of these recordings will create a deep relaxation response and therefore the body mind will begin to benefit. At this length you may begin to receive the benefits of conscious sleep. The brainwave shift similar to those you find at night sleeping. So, you receive up to a 3 to 1 benefit ratio. The 20 minutes of these recordings are equal to 45 minutes to an hour of nighttime sleep.

Additional recordings include;

Body, Breath and Emotion

The Flower, Beautiful as Yourself

Simple Breath then Marble and Sky-Writing

Deep Relaxation with Counted Breath

The Space Between - Intention