"I can't meditate"

Hmmm. Meditation. Today I heard the comment I have heard many times before. "I can't meditate." I get it, busy mind, can't slow down, not comfortable, etc.

But, the comment that followed was interesting, "and I don't want to meditate". Hmmm, that made me curious. What is that about?

I did not ask, it just was not the right moment. Perhaps I will another time. That said, I believe we have entered a similar social situation with meditation that we had with yoga many years ago. The identification and label, and perhaps expectations that come with current meditation teachings (and yoga has had for awhile).  Such as; adopting meditation as a spiritual practice and the associations with Buddhism, or, committing to a regular time, or class, or a group.  To be able to sit quietly, to still the mind, to stop the mind.  Those are all daunting for many, not unlike a downward dog to a novice yogi!  

The challenge is the Western devouring of classic practices.  Meditation has become big business. There is branding and marketing occurring. Nothing wrong with that. I am trying to build in that market too. The challenge is to make meditation available to the masses. Unlike the physical practices of yoga, which marginalizes many, meditation can be available to everyone in some form.  

We really believe the work we are offering in Mindful Rest, and Take A Breath in School,s allows a simple entry in to a meditation practice. Allowing each person to enter the practice on their own terms, in their own time, with very accessible tools in the practice. First and foremost to be able to breathe, and relax. If those foundations are not developed early, and sincerely, I find many individuals lose interest in meditation (like many willful practices and disciplines that are self-imposed, or sold/dictated by another as a 'should'). My wish, and vision is to offer an entry in to meditation through Mindful Rest. Just as the title suggests, giving the thinking mind a break, and be able to breathe and relax. If someone chooses (self-selects) a deeper practice or technique, that will happen organically.  

I did suggest to the "I can't meditate" person to come and try the Mindful Rest/Yoga Nidra on Wednesday morning or Thursday night with me;  or to try Uchita's Thursday morning class. That is all I can do.  Make a suggestion, offer with an open heart and good intentions to support breathing and relaxing in our busy world.  That is enough.

In Service,   Jeff