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Drop the Worry Ball

"It all comes down to maintaining perspective.  All the dos and don'ts in the world aren't going to help you as a parent if you lose sight of your own powerful feelings.  Perspective means being aware of your own anxiety and how it can blind you to the actual risks your child faces, how it can fire you up to act and react when it may not be in your child's best interests, and how acting on your worries ultimately makes things more stressful for your child.  And it means being aware of your over-identification with your child's efforts, and being aware when that begins happening."


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How's Your Stress Life? 5 Strategies to Feel Good Now

I'm no stranger to stress. In fact, we are intimately connected. I've experienced many of the life events listed on the Holmes-Rahe stress inventory list, quite a few in the past 8 months, to the point where Jeff and I joked that maybe we should get a divorce just to get it over with. (Not going to happen!)

With today’s modern lifestyle, we are all constantly on high alert, keeping the ‘fight or flight’ response in a constant state of discharge, while the ‘rest and digest’ response, rarely operates at its ideal level, leaving us with a constant state of tension in the physical, mental and emotional body. With the increase of the sympathetic dominance in the body, we have lost our ability to know how to relax. There's no time!

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