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Learn to breathe the full breath, and access the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest). Restoring balance and harmony to the body and mind. Learn how to feel the whole breath, as an experience, which will become a brain map, a neuropathway which you may call on in challenging or uncertain times.




Release muscular, mental and emotional tension. Learn how to recognize when the body and mind are building and holding tension. Learn to let the body soften, the muscles, the holding, the posturing and protection.  Find the simple practices which teach the body what relaxing feels like, and again, we will access that built-in brain map when needed.




Learn how to self manage challenging emotions and feelings.  You can learn to simply watch; events, people, places things unfold, without a conditioned response of fear or reaction.  You will have your tools of breath and relaxation already built, and by and by, you will notice how your reaction changes...a little, then a lot.




This is your moment to begin to develop possibility.   We use our visualization, a form of intention, to see ourselves in a new way; healthy, strong, at ease, etc.  We then have an image, an archetype even, which can be accessed at will, or, you see it begin to manifest in different areas where it is needed. 




Now we are ready to live a life well-lived.  Ready to embrace all of the events that show up in our lives, and recognize that each one of them is an opportunity.  Each event, each precious moment, a moment to live, thrive, learn, change and grow.  We have our B.R.A.V.E. tools to allow us to meet, greet and remain at ease and relaxed.  In the exhilarating highs, and the unfortunate lows, and all in between.


As you can see, the acronym carries power.  The power of intention.  Intention is a foundation of any transformational practice.  It speaks to the science of the brain.  We must create a repeatable map to follow.  That map is created not just by intellect, but by the whole body!  The whole body/mind must be enrolled in change.  Otherwise the attention fades, and the normal patterns of behavior return.  We want to give ourselves the best chances for success.  For that reason, we plant seeds in the psyche that will eventually flower in to new habits and behaviors.  Those seeds and intentions, as we are BRAVE, are our own.  Our unique and perfect goals and directions that inspire and support us.