This final piece of the Take a Breath for Schools and Communities program content solidifies your authentic changes.  There is significant benefit in speaking about what you are experiencing; your thoughts and feelings around your mental health, physical health, performance, and lifestyle. As well, there is a real need to be a listener for another- a fellow student, a friend, a workmate, another parent, or whomever you are choosing to practice these speaking and listening skills.  These communication skills create a new relationship with yourself, and with your community.

Community is the container, the safe place where we all rest and recover.  That community could consist of just one or 2 people, or it may be much larger, family, school, team, or special group you which you include yourself.  Truth be told, we are all part of a global community.  We want to find our place, be included, be heard, and be seen.  We all deserve a place to call our own.

"It takes a village to raise a child!"  - African proverb 

That statement is probably now more important than ever. Here at Take a Breath we would add: 'it takes a healthy child/individual to support a village!' We are in this together; which is why this section of the website is so important. We all need healthy lifestyles and skills to develop authentic community and to support the climate and culture in and around our schools, homes, and our workplace. We invite you to please take the time to explore the tools and practices suggested.

Utilize some of our other Community support tools; Coming of Age, Supporting a Group Chat, Personalized Mindfulness- (an individual recording created with you, for you!), Community Outreach, and more!


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