Thanks for what you do.  Whether an educator in a school, or in health or wellness, even in your own home (Parents! That is you!), we thank you for doing your best to support these next generations to be their best.

It is tough out there.  The pressures and influences of our world and Western culture are daunting.  We look at the work of the 20th Century mythologist Joseph Campbell often; he was a champion of empowering the individual to rise up to the challenges of his or her own situation in life.  He teaches that each of us has a unique and honorable place in the world, and that challenge is necessary for us to grow and discover our purpose.  Our goal is to provide our precious beings with some tools to ensure they have the best chance to succeed in living a full rewarding life, in whatever way it unfolds in our chaotic world.


Research shows the powerful effects of Focused breathing and awareness:

  • Calms the stress response

  • Strengthens attention

  • Promotes brain integration

  • Fosters better sleep

  • Strengthens self-awareness

  • Reduces anxiety before tests & writing

This Take a Breath program is in essence a pre-mindfulness practice, also known as self-awareness or a form of consciousness.  Most individuals; kids, teens, and adults, are not aware they have a choice, they feel pre-programmed (and to a degree they are, due to past events held in the body/mind).  This program is designed to address that, in simple, doable terms and practices.  We give them pause and a space to practice a relaxation response in the body.

In this practice what emerges is a choice.  Over time, these simple breathing and relaxation practices give an ever evolving moment, a pause, to either just relax or release some of what we hold.  Or, eventually, to begin to use that pause to express freewill, to choose our response to any given circumstance beyond the normal patterned responses of the external influences, or the internal programming. This program is a simple toolkit to come in to the present moment, and with technology, the student can use this toolkit whenever and however it serves them.    

The Take A Breath program has been a definite benefit to our school community! It provides everyone with valuable skills to improve self-regulation, manage anxiety, and reduce stress.