Take A Breath for Educators-Sample


5 Minutes

These simple and short recordings, often based in breath, are easy to use.  For yourself, to suggest to a student, or to play in the classroom.  Note there are some short, specialty recordings here as well, to use in a tough moment, or to shift your response in a specific environment.  You will also see examples of other specific audio recordings.

Additional 5 Minute Experiences:

  • Breath and Body Awareness

  • 3 Minutes of Mindfulness

  • And more!

10 Minutes

These recordings begin to allow for a deeper physical relaxation response. These give the physical body more time to integrate the benefit of the deepening breath. Again, make sure you create the proper space for yourself. Here again, you will find specialty recordings which might serve you deeply.

Additional 10 Minute Experiences:

  • Driving Relaxed and Enjoying it! (great for commuting)

  • And more!

20 Minutes


All of these recordings will create a deep relaxation response and therefore the body mind will begin to benefit. At this length you may begin to receive the benefits of conscious sleep. The brainwave shift similar to those you find at night sleeping. So, you receive up to a 3 to 1 benefit ratio. The 20 minutes of these recordings are equal to 45 minutes to an hour of nighttime sleep.

Additional 20 Minute + Experiences:

  • Relax Deeply

  • Body, Breath and Emotions

  • 7 Visualizations to a FreeBack

  • And more!

30 Minutes

These are the ultimate in the recordings.  They are meant for a deep, long rest.  It is suggested that you choose a position to practice these recordings in which you can be very comfortable.  The body will release heavily into gravity and if you are not set up correctly, it can be uncomfortable.  These recordings move through deep layers beyond the body and breath, with imaging and explorations of tension release in the psyche.  It is not hypnosis as it involves both sides of the brain.  And you are aware (albeit, sometimes sleepy!).  These recordings can begin to address long held ideas and experiences in the body, while simply remaining aware.  The gift of these practices; awareness.  You are simply observing the deep layers of the self, and not reacting, fixing, blaming, etc.  A true transformation is available here.

Additional 30 Minute Experiences:

  • 31 Minute- Deep Relaxation and Breath, with Exploration of Work in the World as an Archetype

  • And more!