Take a Breath Defined

The Take a Breath Program is rooted in an ancient transformational practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry, with contemporary relevance in brain science and stress reduction. Take a Breath is a simple, yet profound, systematic technique of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

Take a Breath incorporates the proven success of the current mindfulness practices (used in many clinical settings) while using related terms and descriptions making it accessible to the general public.    

The Take a Breath Program is used successfully  in personal practice, yoga classes, social work, massage and physical therapy, as well as alternative and integrative practices.

We all know stress and its effect on overall wellness is a growing issue.  Particularly in regards to mental health.  The Mental Health Commission of Canada reports mental health problems and mental issues account for approximately 30% of all short-and long-term disabilities.  Mental health conditions are likely a leading cause of absence, and poor performance.  Unfortunately those patterns are reflected in;  the adult education system, family  and community, and workforce.  With 1 in 5 Canadians showing signs of mental illness and suffering, the time is right to take advantage of accessible solutions to the growing problem.   We see an opportunity to intervene, giving children, teens, and adults an accessible self-management program.  This program will provide lifelong pattern changes in stress response..  

Feel Good Now

We know there is, and will be; suffering, stress and strain in our lives. It is inevitable, and yet, we cannot arrange the world in such a way we will not suffer.  This is very challenging, we need to find ways to deal with what we are experiencing.  In particular, we need a mind/stress break.  There is too much information, influence and stimulation out there in our multi-tasking world.  This is the program to take those steps back to balance and regain some control.  This program gives the tools of awareness and perspective. To find simple moments, to perhaps take a breath, relax, do nothing.  To rest, recover and restore the natural mental/physical/emotional health that is inherently ours. 

You will find online content for:

  • The General Population-  Those seeking relaxation and release from physical and mental tension.
  • Injured or Illness-  For those with specific conditions
  • Parents and Families- Content specifically supporting parents, and addressing conditions and concerns of parenting and the family
  • Workplace- Supportive content for those individuals in  the workforce, to restore balance and release stress
  • Kids and Children-  Here is a unique part of the program.  With content from our Take a Breath program in schools.  We support kids and children in unique ways to support their challenges and stress  

The road to health and balance is out in front of you...take the first steps.  Simple, and easy.  With results you will feel immediately.

How To Get Started

Here are some general classifications of content.  Each of these will have audio files of differing lengths you will listen to once, twice, or repeatedly.  Some with a male voice, some female.  All of them supporting your deepening relaxation and recovery.

Start simply, and easily-   You will start by watching a brief orientation video. Then listen and follow the first few audio tracks.  They will only be a few minutes.  That is enough, to begin to breathe more, or slow down, or change your focus.   

Conditions, Physical Issues, Specific Life Situations and more-  Here is where the practice can begin to serve you more specifically.  With content related to areas in your life that are challenging you.  That might be a condition or illness, or mental/emotional suffering, or perhaps more specific to an area of your life, such as being a parent, or your work life.  

Longer/Deeper release-  In these sections of content, you will find much longer recordings, 20-30 minutes, even up to 40 minutes.  These longer recordings can be used in a time and environment which allows you to deeply benefit from the content on the recording, by changing brainwave states, and releasing chronic layers of tension.

Program Includes:

  • Simple, short 3-5 minute orientation audio and video
  • 3, 5, 10, 15 minute and longer practices
  • Unique and comprehensive Content Library.  With monthly updates and additions to content.
  • Practices for healing and rejuvenation, emotional balance, deep sleep, systematic release in to gravity, grounding body and breath awareness, mental clarity, and a host of audio tracks to address your concerns or condition.

You will eventually find your 'favorites'.  Perhaps some short and sweet ones you can use in a busy day for a break, or longer one you enjoy regularly.  Or a specific recording which you use to begin to change your conditioned response to an injury, illness or even a mental pattern or belief.

Enjoy a FREE 10 minute guided meditation here:

Bring the deeply restorative practice of Take a Breath

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  • “The Mindful Rest Yoga Nidra workshop was a wonderful experience.  For me the best part was the half hour of deep relaxation.   I did not want it to end and was sorry when Sonya suggested we start to come back into our bodies. The introduction was necessary though, as it is important to understand what and why we are doing something. Yes, I would definitely recommend it to a friend and would attend more Mindful Rest Yoga Nidra workshops and classes.” – Bev S
  •  “For me, it was a reminder of what stress does and you gave me a new tool to restore my state of balance. I slept deeper than I have for a long long time that night after the workshop. I plan to practice more Mindful Rest. Thank you!” – Linda R
  • This was my first Mindful Rest Yoga Nidra experience.  I would most definitely recommend this practice.   I think I’ve told every one of my friends that I’ve talked to about how amazing it was.  I felt so different at the end.  You mentioned that what you led us through at the end of the class was comparable to the deep sleep we often miss out on because of high stress levels and this is where the body heals itself.  Somehow I felt as though that is what took place in me – a healing of some kind.  Hard to describe but it was an amazing feeling.  So yes I would recommend it to anyone.  This week when I have started to feel anxious, I can go back to feel the effects of the practice and I find I can relax.  I appreciated learning the different breathing techniques to help with relaxation and feeling good.” - Phyllis L