As parents we know there is, and will be; suffering, stress and strain for our children.  There was a moment when my wife was driving our kids home from school; in the back seat my daughter began to have a melt-down about her day.  Sonya pulled the car over, took a breath, relaxed and just listened.  After a few minutes, everything calmed down, and Sonya asked if there was anything she needed, our daughter said, “no”.

There is a powerful message here.  We want to help them, and yet, we can’t.  We cannot fix them, we cannot control them.  We assuredly cannot arrange the world in such a way they will not suffer.  This is very challenging; to support them in their inevitable growth and growing up.  While we will all, as parents, teach our unique beliefs, practices, and culture to our children, each ‘student of life’ needs to find ways to deal with what they are experiencing.  In particular, they need a mind/stress break.  There is too much information, influence and stimulation out there, and parents sometimes add to the amount.  The pressures and influences of our adult world spill on to our offspring.

This program gives the tools of awareness and perspective.  As you give your endorsement (and perhaps your involvement too!, see below), they will feel safe and encouraged to take advantage of this unique set of tools.  To find simple moments, to perhaps take a breath, relax, do nothing.  To rest, recover and restore the natural mental/physical/emotional health that is inherently theirs.  We want them to be kids, children and young adults again, and give them the time to mature naturally.


Parents, we want you to have an opportunity to experience the benefits of the practice just as your children will.  We believe in the power of resonance.  When you practice this relaxation program, they will respect that, and perhaps be more likely to use it for themselves.  We have even seen the benefit in practicing together.  A family taking time to rest, and relax together can be a transforming experience.

Your school administrator or Take a Breath School Liaison will have the website and password for you to access the online content of the program.