Let us help you support your Students and Community

Thanks for what you do.  Whether an educator in a school, or serving individuals or groups, we appreciate your efforts to support the next generation to be their best.  Helping our future generation helps our whole community.

The pressures and influences of our world and Western culture are daunting.  We appreciate the work of the 20th Century mythologist Joseph Campbell- he was a champion of empowering the individual to rise up to the challenges of his or her own situation in life.  He taught that each of us has a unique and honorable place in the world, and challenge is necessary for us to grow and discover our purpose.  The goal is to provide these precious beings with some tools to ensure they have the best chance to succeed in living a full and rewarding life.

With consistent repetition, they use the pause and shift to express  goals and intentions- as enhanced performance in; school, sports, lifestyle, and relationships in groups and families!  We create those goals and intentions through visualization (using the


R.A.S. in the brain).  This program becomes a simple toolkit to begin to experience the potential in the the areas they place their new choice using visualization.

How do we change reactions and patterns?

This Take a Breath program is in essence a pre-mindfulness practice, also described as known as self-awareness.  Unfortunately, many individuals are so reactive and conditioned by the collective external environment, they miss an opportunity.  An opportunity to create a new reaction or response- a new brain map for the future!

Most individuals; kids, teens, and adults, are not aware they have a choice, they often feel pre-programmed (and to a degree they are, due to past events held in the body/mind).  The Take a Breath program is designed to address the issues using simple, relatable terms and practices.  We give them a opportunity to pause and experience a relaxation response in the body.  From this pause and relaxation response they shift of out of the reactive body/mind.  Then they have an opportunity to make a new pattern (brain map) a choice.

How it works in the classroom and groups

We encourage all grades and groups utilize this practice not simply as a classroom management tool.  Instead Take a Breath is creating a complete experience which is a pro-active mindfulness approach.

We suggest creating a time where you can;  do a quick assessment/intention/context, play a recording, and then have a follow-up dialog in some form.  We offer support tools to facilitate this therapeutic process of; assess (how am I today), adapt (the audio recordings chosen), and relate (connection and community).  These 3 components become a lifestyle/ life skill they continue beyond the classroom.

The time commitment for playing the recordings is based on age.  The typical formula is age + 1 minute.  So for an 8 year old, we can plan for about 8-10 minutes total of listening attention, a 14 year old, about 15 minutes, etc.  These general suggested recording times are based on research in attention spans.  Some days, we realize you may not be able to commit to the amount of time suggested, however, we encourage you to plan for at least 1 day each week to complete an entire recording.


For young students/groups (under 11) the timing of the experience should be consistent.  For example, after lunch or recess, before a focused subject, at the end of the day, at the beginning of the day.  The teacher should be communicating with the students to say 'we are practicing this, at this time, to support us all in.....'  Basically an intention and agreement.

Teacher/Educator Support

We offer a support page For Teachers/Educators on the website with numerous support tools, and regular content updates.  A teacher orientation/introduction handout is included, with in-depth history, best practices, and success support tools!  We offer regularly scheduled support sessions for each participating school/group.   Finally, we want feedback and inspiration from educators- to hear what is working for them, and share it with others!

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