Welcome to your Grades 7-12 Awareness Assessment

School- Including school work, activities, relationships, safety and more. In these first few questions some of the answers may be obvious and some you might have to stop and think a bit. Answering them might help you start to notice more about your day, and school; how you feel, or what you might want to focus on more often. Then the recordings that follow on the website can support your new intentions and goals. Assessing yourself and then creating new intentions is key to how the brain works!
I like school.
I try hard/my best in school.
I feel safe sharing my opinions and feelings in my school.
I have a friend my age at school who cares about me.
I feel safe and supported in my community.
I don't feel lonely at school.
I feel connected to (I belong and am included, I am a part of) the school community; students, teachers and parents.
I feel comfortable being around students of other cultures or countries.
I am able to focus and fully participate in the classroom.
Focusing on my school-work will help me improve myself.
My friends, teachers, and family are interested in what I think and how I feel.
I am comfortable taking tests and exams.
Personal Life- Emotions, thoughts and feelings you experience. In these questions we will explore how you feel during your day. Again, some of these questions may require some deeper thinking, and, well...feeling. These are all important to help you recognize your ability to selfregulate and manage yourself during your day. This enquiry is private, and personal. For that reason, we are thrilled to offer communication tools on this website. Which means some of you might choose to practice speaking and listening around these themes. Safe, supportive communication is a valuable tool, we suggest you use it.
I don't worry too much about my friends and family.
I have the ability to deal with challenging everyday events.
When I have personal problems, my friends and family let me know they care.
In a challenging situation, it's ok to get a little upset and anxious.
My feelings of happiness don't often turn into worries about the future.
I can manage myself after a scary/traumatic event.
I enjoy spending time with friends/family.
I try hard not to judge people.
I am able to control my emotions.
I am able to control my emotions.
I cope well with change.
Health and Wellness- Regarding your physical body and fitness, self-care, and more. Here you will find some specific questions about many areas you deal with every day. We all have habits, behaviours and patterns which sometimes undermine our overall health and wellness and undermine our goals and intentions. These questions might give you increased awareness which you can use to your advantage, even inspiring you to reach towards your potential. We suggest you practice the recordings on the site which will support you and create new possibilities.
I notice that when I am challenged my breath rarely changes to short, shallow or strained.
I know how to use breathing practices to relax myself.
I often have aches, pains, and health issues.
I often have to work hard to manage my emotions, to not get upset, or react.
I get enough sleep at night.
I eat right.
I enjoy resting and slowing down during my busy days.
I enjoy getting outside, and appreciate nature.
I find ways to relax.
I fall asleep easily at bedtime.
I participate in movement, exercise, sports and activities which feel healthy and energize me.
Taking chances is risky, but I know it is good to challenge myself at times.
I am able to 'let go', play, be spontaneous!
I feel I am reaching my potential.
I try to reach for my goals and dreams.
I enjoy my personal activities (sports, music, arts, hobbies, free time, etc.)
I can learn life lessons from situations that are difficult.
I am hopeful about the future.
After Completing Your Assessment When you are complete, look back at your results- If most of your answers are on the side of “Don’t Agree” your score suggests an overall stress or dissatisfaction with your current state of health and overall wellness. We recommend you work on the initial components of Breathe and Relax. Select some shorter recordings from those areas, to build a lasting relaxation response which will allow you to progress to other more complete recordings. If your assessment shows most of your answers as on the side of “Agree”, it suggests you are in a balanced overall state of health and wellness. You may choose to select from any and all of the recordings on the website.
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