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This sample page will give you an idea, with a few select examples, of how our program is designed. This sample page has recordings selected from a Grade 7-12 content base. There is separate content and recordings for the K-6 schools.  The full program has a large variety of Take a Breath audio recording lengths and experiences.  Once you are familiar with the selected example practices you will have an idea of what the students and their parents could access.  The science behind these recordings is to help us move beyond our conditioned responses, and to support us in creating the relaxation response, then settling and stabilizing there.  From that secure foundation then begin to build new intentions and direction.  

Especially for you, as educators and administrators, we have included a couple of special recordings.  One for back wellness, as we know many suffer from back issues.  As well, recordings to simply drop in to relaxation.  Just like the students, the feeling of relaxation is elusive.   Yet, over time, as you use these practices, the feeling of relaxation and ease can filter through all of your experiences.  Enjoy!


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