Mindful Restoration is offered for schools and its various stakeholders in the form of Take A Breath, or just TAB.

Providing Schools the Tools for Relaxation

and Stress Reduction

What is Take a Breath?

Take a Breath teaches proven breathing and relaxation techniques to promote well-being, stress-relief, and self-awareness. The program includes online and in-school offerings for the whole school community, including students, parents, teachers, administrators, and support staff. With two years of success in K-12 public and private schools in BC, students, teachers, and administrators have been impressed with the positive effects of Take a Breath in their schools.

Students Learn to Be B.R.A.V.E:

BREATHE:       Create a relaxation response in the body

RELAX:            Notice the effects of tension in the body and mind

ALLOW:           Work through challenging emotions and events

VISUALIZE:      imagery and imagination for growth and development

EMPOWER:      Build confidence and resiliency in new situations


Take a Breath is often seen as a PRE-mindfulness program, as it teaches participants how to use the breath and guided relaxation to calm the nervous system and deal with common obstacles to mindfulness/meditation practices (can’t sit still, can’t turn off the brain, increase in anxiety). The program is designed to be accessible and has proven to be of benefit for ALL participants, even (especially) those who are resistant to more formal mindfulness programs.

The "Take A Breath" program has been a definite benefit to our school community!  It provides everyone with valuable skills to improve self-regulation, manage anxiety, and reduce stress, all of which are significant components of the "Personal Awareness & Responsibility" competency of the new BC Curriculum.  Last year our school had over 300 student participants, and 86% reported a positive experience.  Both students and staff love the sense of calm they achieve, and appreciate the stress relief of the breathing techniques.  As well, the "Take A Breath" online content offers numerous breathing practices for different aspects of our lives, and is a wonderful year-round resource easily accessible for our students, parents, and staff.  

Karen Gilbert

Counsellor, George Elliot Secondary

Who is Take a Breath for?

For Kids and Teens - Practicing the B.R.A.V.E. tools and techniques will help students reduce anxiety, quiet the over-stimulated mind, recognize unhealthy patterns, and move towards more joy and creativity in life. Recordings of different lengths on a variety of topics are available for students’ personal use at home or at school (Rest before a Test, Get to Sleep, Stop Anxiety, etc.).

The Take a Breath class helped me to stop worrying and just breathe. I learned that I can control how deep and fast my breath is. I especially enjoyed feeling relaxed and taking time for myself.

Grade 12 Student

For Educators and School Staff - Using Take a Breath in the classroom increases focus, settles the whole group, and gives those who struggle some tools for self-regulation. Regular classroom practice has shown a dramatic shift in the overall atmosphere of a class and has even helped students perform better on tests and assignments. Online and in-service offerings tailored for teachers and school staff are also available to support their own commitment to personal well-being.

For Parents -  Recordings are available on the website for parents and their children to practice relaxation and self-regulation. Parents will recognize the benefits of B.R.A.V.E. to support their whole family in times of challenge. They will sense the shifts and encourage even more participation by their children, in the classroom and at home.  In addition to the recordings for parents on the website, Take a Breath workshops are also available for parent meetings.

The Take a Breath techniques teach students and educators how to focus on the breath, feel sensation and be present. I am excited to bring this to my own school as well as use with my own children at home. This practice can relate to all.


In School

Take a Breath is aligned with the new BC Curriculum Core Competencies and Curriculum Competencies, especially in the Personal Awareness and Responsibility and Social Responsibility Competency, and the Physical Health and Education K-12 and Career Education K-12 Learning Standards. (Download the buying guide below for a detailed breakdown of how Take a Breath meets the core competencies and specific learning standards).

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