Self Assessment

Each of these assessments are designed to support your personal discovery.  They measure your level of well being, including; your mental and physical wellness, your connection and relationships in your community, and finally, insights in to your individual potential. We trust you will gain some personal insight and perspective.  The assessment questions relate to recordings in the audio library.  

These assessments are divided in to groups for each of the groups in the community with relative questions for each.  The assessment should take no longer than approximately 5 minutes to complete.  Then allow yourself some time to reflect on your responses, and perhaps that directs how you explore the audio recording library.  Please support younger children in filling out the responses.

Long Form, Multiple Choice Assessment

These longer assessments are an excellent tool for a deeper dive in to how you are perceiving yourself and the community.  We suggest you revisit this assessment on a quarterly or annual basis.  It will show you your progress in health and wellness over time.

Short Printable Assessments

These shorter assessments are designed as an alternative to the longer assessment.  It could be used as a quick assessment tool for a class, a group, or an individual.  Each of these simple, short assessments gives a glimpse of overall mental health and general wellness.  Use it anytime you need a brief self-regulation check.

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