Students Grade K-6

Welcome to your Grades K-6 Awareness Assessment, with assistance if needed

1. School- Including school work, activities, relationships, safety and more. In these first few questions some of the answers may be obvious and some you might have to stop and think a bit. Answering them might help you start to notice more about your day, and school; how you feel, or what you might want to focus on more often. Then the recordings that follow on the website can support your new intentions and goals. Assessing yourself and then creating new intentions is key to how the brain works!
I like school.
I am happy with how well I do in school.
I try hard in school.
I feel like I belong, I am included and connected to all the people at my school.
I feel safe sharing my opinions and feelings in my school.
I like how my school feels, things are in good condition, work well, and are well taken care of.
I don't feel lonely at school.
I feel safe in my community.
I like to focus on my school-work. It makes me feel good to work hard.
I am able to pay attention in class.
My friends, teachers, and family care about what I think and how I feel.
It is okay with me that students of other color or countries attend my school.
Sometimes when I am trying to do something that's hard for me, or I'm in a tough situation (sport, game, school activity I don't like) I think it's okay to get a little upset and anxious.
I look forward to growing up, going up in grades, and learning new things.
I am okay when there are new subjects, changes and challenges.
When a bad situation is happening or going to happen (someone hurting me, being mean to me or bullying me) I will ask for help from family, teachers, even friends.
I am okay when we have a test.
Personal Life- Emotions, thoughts and feelings you experience. In these questions we will explore how you feel during your day. Again, some of these questions may require some deeper thinking, and, well...feeling. These are all important to help you recognize your abililty to self- regulate and manage yourself during your day. This enquiry is private, and personal. For that reason, we are thrilled to offer communication tools on this website. Which means some of you might choose to practice speaking and listening around these themes. Safe, supportive communication is a valuable tool, we suggest you use it.
I know it is important to control my emotions.
When I am upset, my friends and family will help me.
I try hard not to be mean to people.
When I feel happy it doesn't often turn into worry.
I don't worry too much about my friends and family.
I know things are sometimes hard for me to do, but I can learn from the challenge.
I am okay not always having busy days, even when I am a little bored.
Health and Wellness- Regarding your physical body and fitness, self-care, and more. Here you will find some specific questions about many areas you deal with every day. We all have habits, behaviors and patterns which sometimes undermine our overall health and wellness and undermine our goals and intentions. These questions might give you increased awareness which you can use to your advantage, even inspiring you to reach towards your potential. We suggest you practice the recordings on the site which will support you and create new possibilities.
I like to get exercise, play, move and feel healthy.
I notice that when I am upset my rarely breath changes to short, shallow or too fast.
I know how to use breathing practices to relax myself.
I like to make goals for myself; to keep trying to reach for something better.
I like to get outside, and I enjoy nature (mountains, oceans, lakes, forests, plants, animals).
I like to try after school activities; sports, music, arts, etc.
I get enough sleep at night.
I don't often have to work hard to manage my emotions, to not get upset, or react.
I eat right.
I fall asleep easily at bedtime.
I play well with other kids.
I know what it feels like to really relax.
I am hopeful about the future.
I know life can be hard, even for a kid, and I feel ready to handle whatever might happen.
I enjoy spending time with my parent(s).
I like to meet new people.

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