A recent New York Times article stated that, anxiety is the most common mental health disorder affecting nearly one third of both adolescents and adults according to the US National Institute of Mental Health. Anxiety, depression, insomnia, overwhelming emotions and moods are all symptoms of too much stress.

Feel Good Now

We know there is, and will be; suffering, stress and strain in our lives. It is inevitable, and yet, we cannot arrange the world in such a way we will not suffer.  This is very challenging, we need to find ways to deal with what we are experiencing.  In particular, we need a mind/stress break.  There is too much information, influence and stimulation out there in our multi-tasking world.  This is the program to take steps back to balance and regain some control.  This program gives the tools of awareness and perspective. To find simple moments, to perhaps take a breath, relax, do nothing.  To rest, recover and restore the natural mental/physical/emotional health that is inherently ours. 

You will find online content for:

  • Kids, Children and Teens- Here is the unique part of this program. The online content is our Take a Breath program in schools. We support kids and children in unique ways to support their challenges and stress. The content begins simply and develops and deepens with repetition.

  • Parents and Families- Content specifically supporting parents, and addressing conditions and concerns of parenting and the family

  • Teachers- Supportive content for those individuals in the classroom, to restore balance and relieve stress

The road to health and balance is out in front of you...take the first steps.  Simple, and easy.  With results you will feel immediately.


Sample Practice for 9-12 Year Olds

How To Get Started

Start simply, and easily-   You will start by watching a brief orientation video. Then listen and follow the first few audio tracks.  They will only be a few minutes.  That is enough, to begin to breathe more, or slow down, or change your focus.   

Conditions, Physical Issues, Specific Situations and more-  Here is where the practice can begin to serve you more specifically, with content related to areas in your life that are challenging you.  That might be a condition or illness, or mental/emotional suffering, or perhaps the content can support a current specific issue.  

Longer/Deeper release-  In these sections of content, you will find much longer recordings, 20-30 minutes, even up to 40 minutes.  These longer recordings can be used in a time and environment which allows you to deeply benefit from the content on the recording, by changing brainwave states, and releasing chronic layers of tension.

Program Includes:

  • Simple, short 3-5 minute orientation audio and video

  • 3, 5, 10, 15 minute and longer practices

  • Unique and comprehensive Content Library. With regular updates and additions to content.

  • Practices for healing and rejuvenation, emotional balance, deep sleep, systematic release in to gravity, grounding body and breath awareness, mental clarity, and more.

You will eventually find your 'favorites'.  Perhaps some short and sweet ones you can use in a busy day for a break, or longer one you enjoy regularly.  Or a specific recording which you use to begin to change your conditioned response to an injury, illness or even a mental pattern or belief.