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Take a Breath is offering a web based pre-mindfulness/relaxation program accessible via computer or mobile device.  The program invites users to participate daily by choosing an amount of time and level in which they can commit comfortably.   The user will select an audio file, which contains a guided Take a Breath practice.  This simple tool can create a profound shift in the mental health and wellness of the individual, and ultimately the health of the company as a whole.   


There are a growing number of small companies who need the support of a web based wellness program.    This simple and accessible entry in to wellness education, and the stress reduction market is now available at a very low cost to the employer.  Typical business employee health initiatives are often a break room, or a refrigerator!   Mental Health statistics report mental health problems and mental issues account for approximately 30% of all short-and long-term disabilities.  And they are rated as one of the top causes of disability claims by over 80% of companies.  Mental health conditions are the leading cause of disability, absence, and presenteeism.  With an economic burden of more than $50 Billion per year directly from workplace losses.   There is a clear problem for employers.  Within the business HR departments, the major obstacle to supporting their employees is time, and ability to support employees with little or no resources.   Often the smaller business has no HR department.

As mentioned above, in the employee health and wellness field, there are numerous programs and applications.  We are offering proven best practices with data which supports the employee participation and the organization.  Take a Breath is a guided self- awareness practice based on mindfulness meditation techniques; technically it is ‘awake sleep’.  The individual, while practicing, effortlessly develops self- awareness while resting (in relaxation response), and consciously moving through layers of tension, holding, fear without moving in to a stress response.  It is a proven technique for stress reduction, and change in mental patterning. All performed in a resting lying or seated position.  Therefore it is accessible to a much larger audience than just the typical yoga or fitness community.  All of this delivered safely through the proven (operating since 2014) Take a Breath platform.


The results of the initial 30-Day commitment in the program show the users becoming more relaxed, happier, and less tense.  They will feel it, and it will give them confidence to continue in the program and even to explore longer and deeper relaxation.  The net benefit for the organization will be a marked improvement in the mental health and general wellness of the employees.  They will show higher states of mindfulness in the ability to be in a present moment experience and less reactive, less upset by the personal or professional turmoil that is inevitable.  The ROI is less work loss (due to stress, the #1 workplace condition), and overall increase in productivity is invaluable to a small business.

The Take a Breath Program is new, innovative, and prepared to support a growing number of users.  The platform, currently used by a growing number of educational organizations, has the technical depth to grow and adapt to this emerging mental health market.  There are those users who may feel unique, marginalized or removed, and may hold personal suffering privately.  We have the ability to engage and support those individuals to take the first simple steps to mindfulness and wellness, and in some cases refer to proper support beyond the program.  


We provide a suite of audio files, from as little as 3 minutes of simple breath awareness, all the way up to 30-40 minutes of deep relaxation.  The user can choose what audio file based on how much time they have available.  It could be a simple ‘mental health minute’ with their phone and earphones.  Or a longer private practice at home perhaps as a sleep aid.  It is also a great way to ‘switch gears’ after work.   In service presentations for employee meetings or retreats are also available upon request.


With more than 1 in 5 North Americans showing signs of mental illness and suffering, the time is right to take advantage of low cost, accessible solutions to the growing problem.  A growing number of individuals across all demographics are utilizing online delivery and mobile browsing devices.  There is a clear mandate by many of the large companies to utilize technology to support their Employee Assistance Programs.  The legal and regulatory sanctions are driving the large companies to enforce a psychologically safe workplace.  These changes in the workplace wellness can also be adopted by smaller companies.  We propose the first 30-Day introduction, followed by the opportunity for employees to continue beyond the 30 days integrating this in to the workplace wellness offerings.  

This program is available today!  

Other offerings include;

  • On Site Workplace Assessment and Programming

  • Workplace Seminars

  • Training and Support for Employee Wellness Coordinators

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